Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life? What Life?

A really interesting article came out yesterday in the New York Times about crafting and making a business out of it. For the past couple weeks I have been coming home from working and immediately going to what I call my Craft corner and slaving away until 12am-1am in the morning. Taking a break? Not possible. Dinner? Where are the take out menus? Lunch break? Break out the embroidery and start stitching!! I realized after reading this article that this lifestyle wouldn't change if I did decide to quit my day job and just craft for a living. The ladies mentioned in this article all work super hard and although 13 hour days sounds insane, I can't help but think how exciting it is to be able to run and manage your own business. It is definitely not easy, but knowing how much someone loves something you made with your hands makes it all worth it sometimes. You can find the article HERE

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