Thursday, February 4, 2010

February National Embroidery Month!

My little obsession with embroidery leads to me spending many hours browsing the web for all things embroidery related. I love seeing what other people are up to and what new ideas they have and are willing to share. So I thought in honor of this month, I'd share a couple of the things I have discovered with you throughout this month. Here are a few great people/blogs to start us off:

Just discovered Aneela, the lady behind Comfort Stitching, via Feeling Stitchy (another great blog mentioned below). I'm so jealous of Aneela's ability to illustrate and transfer her own designs to fabric. That is one skill I have yet to achieve.

Feeling Stitchy is a great way to discover what's happening with embroidery today. The blog offers online tutorials, artist interviews and features work by embroidery artists who participate in their flickr pool, like fionabearclaw below.

**This may be hard to believe but this is Fiona's second embroidery project! I don't know about you but my second embroidery project didn't come out this nice. Such Talent!!

.I just discovered Maggie Makes through another blog earlier today and I just had to feature her DIY embroidery heart kits. So cute and so perfect for this month! The packaging is remarkable! This lady also has a gorgeous Blog. Thanks for sharing your craftiness with us Maggie!!


  1. Hey there ~ I just received some good advice from you over in the etsy forums and thought I'd check out your blog. I LOVE it, and I am actually working on my first embroidery in a hoop right now. I'll be posting a picture probably this weekend on my blog. I love the work you do! Next stop, your etsy shop...

  2. Thanks Maureen! I love embroidery almost too much.
    Wish I had more time to do it. Let me know if you need any embroidery tips!

  3. I love this mermaid by Comfort Stitching! I bought a coffee cuff from Zemphira on Etsy that was made from the same fabric (Heather Ross' Mendocino) from which this embroidery was inspired.

    Great find!

  4. That fabric is so amazing. I've always wanted to buy myself a little swatch of it to admire.


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