Friday, February 5, 2010

Spotlight: Owls, owls here and there! Owls everywhere!!

I know I am not alone in my owl fanaticism. What is it that is so captivating about these birds? Must have something to do with what the Giant said in Twin Peaks, "The owls are not what they seem . . . ."

I love, love, love this owl brooch! Kate from The Box of Bird Shop has some really darling animal brooches. Check 'em out.

Long ago I made the mistake of stretching my ears, thus sacrificing my ability to wear cute dangling earrings, like these guys. Crafted by Zosterops. Let bronze owls shine by wearing them out in broad daylight. They won't mind.

I love owls AND anything that might dark and spooky as well, so when I found this print I went a little crazy. I imagine this hanging on a stonewall hallway in a dark, eerie castle. Swan Bones shop is guaranteed to win you over. Take a look.

Want to bring some little owls into your home. Then check out Frolicking Leaves shop. She has a few owly magnet sets for you to peruse, but this one won me over. It has little hearts on its chest!!

Stare long enough at these stuffed owl dolls and you'll be hypnotized into buying them! Kate Durkin's owl embroidery design is amazing. You gotta check out her other embroidered plushies!!

I love beer and I love drinking beer out of a glass (no bottles please! Yuck!) I think this owl glass by Whimsical Wares would make the perfect beer drinking companion, don't you?


  1. i don't see how anyone could not love owls! i love everything that you posted.. but that little brooch is super cute! off to check out the shops!

  2. I know the owl brooch is amazing! She has a little squirrel one too.

  3. I am a fan of the owl myself. : ) I really like those owl plushies, I think I would use them as pillows. I am going to check out her site. Thanks!

  4. So it's not just me then - phew. As a kid in the late 70s, I had B+W houndstooth dungarees with what I called a 'hooty owl' on the front - he was brown and yellow and VERY funky. Apart from it being a major fashion moment, I think it's also where my owl obsession started!!! Now I need to campaign for the fox as a motif!

  5. i love the glasses! i am somewhat owl obsessed myself...

  6. Sewcrafty-Foxes are totally the next animal zeitgest! I should do a little fox promotion next week. Thanks for the idea!


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