Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Special Delivery: Etsy Feature

Sticking with this week's theme, I decided to search Etsy for letter/mailing related items. I had a hard time choosing what to share with you. I came across so many cute goodies! I was able to dwindle my long list down to these top 8. Enjoy!

Aren't these paintings great?!? On the left, we have Pen Pals by Arian and to the right, is a lovely print by Amanda Atkins.

I'm in love with this little sterling silver mailbox necklace by Studio Seventy Five. And how sweet is Little Crickets felt mail delivery DIY kit. A perfect toy for a kid! The little handmade snail stamp to the right is by Winemakers Sister. Perfect way to add a cute touch to your mailings.

Need to send a secret message? Just stop by The Sweetie Pie Press shop and peruse their secret letters. Or maybe your sick of those plain white envelopes and would like to send your notes in something with a little more pizzazz. Well, Adnagam's handmade envelope shop has a number of fun envelopes, like the one above, for you to purchase.

This vintage postcard from MFVintage is so funny. I love it! She has a few other Easter theme postcards over at her shop so be sure to stop by and take a peek!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my mailbox necklace! The whole theme is great and some of those real life mailboxes are hysterical! Awesome. :)

  2. Studio75- You're welcome! Your necklace is much, much cuter than all those mailboxes!

  3. Love the secret message envelopes and the colorful ones from Adnagam's shop.
    Thanks for including my postcards. My parents collected loads of postcards, and I'm gradually listing them on etsy. Some are from and too my grandmother and great grandmother!

  4. what a lovely collection. i feel like mail is the best thing to get me through the dreary canadian winters.

  5. I love your selections. Thanks so much for featuring my hand-carved stamp!



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