Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend Waffles, and rosette tutorials

Whenever there is a nice sunny weekend, I'm usually stuck spending my "free" time taking photos of new products, like the little flower headband above. But this weekend I attempted to get out of the house for a little bit and a long but worthwhile trek out to the city to eat at a place called The Little Skillet. They are a small little soul food take out place located in a little alley down by the ballpark. I got myself some waffles and fried chicken. It really hit the spot. Fried chicken and syrup actually taste really good together.

I also cut off all my hair. It turned out pretty cute. My new little bob also inspired me to try and make some new hair accessories that look cute with short hair. So I made a few fabric rosettes last night, sewed them on a reclaimed rope thingie I found, and Voila! New cute headband!!

Rosettes are a nice, easy, and super quick way to make a flower accessory. I creating my little rosettes by cutting an inch wide piece of fabric, different lengths, folded it in half and started folding, twisting, twirling, and stitching it together. It's more fun that way if you ask me But here are a few rosette tutorials I found online that helped me get started:

Tightly Rolled Layered Rosette byPortabello Pixie

Rolled Flatten Rosettes by Jennifer Paganelli

Quick Stitch Rosette (this is the one I used) by Susie Harris

Tight Twisty Rosette by Jaimee Rose

Honestly, there really isn't any wrong or right way when it comes to making a flower rosette. Like usual, I recommend breaking some rules and sewing a little crooked to make your rosette unique and extra cute!

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