Monday, April 12, 2010

Embroidery for your wall

I have noticed quite a few people blogging about vintage embroidered wall hangings lately so I decided to share a few of my Etsy favorites. Owls appear to be one of the most popular embroidered wall hanging designs, and flower patterns/bouquets are a very close second. After looking at these cute wall decorations, all I want to do is fill up a whole wall with these kitschy designs! Here are my vintage finds. Enjoy!

This owl is so great. I love the colors and shading. Found at Lackluster Co. Bunnies, strawberries, and pink daisies always rank high in kitschy cuteness. Found at Plaid Pony Vintage. I don't know why but I really, really like this rocking chair. Maybe it's the textures, or little cuckoo clock in the corner. Found at The Quirky Owl. Allergic to daisies? Then why not hang a little daisy bouquet on your wall like this one found at Old New Dress's Vintage Apparel & Art shop. This little girl is so cute and how amazing is the stitch work. Those french knot flowers are pretty stunning. Found at Garage Inc. I am very tempted to buy these two ferns from Mouseface Vintage. I love the three-dimensional quality of them and find them extremely inspiring.


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  2. Oh I love that owl one...I might have to snag that...My husband might kill me with the sentence "I live here too, and that's ugly."

    He has no taste.

  3. Cute!!

    I can hardly pass them up when I see them! I have a few in my vintage shop but I think if they do not sell by the time they expire, I might just have to keep them for myself!

    The last one on your list is really neat! I really like the one on the green fabric most! Great finds, thanks for sharing! I may have to "heart" a couple of those.


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