Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vintage Barbie: Series 1

A while back, my boyfriend's mom sent me her old Barbie doll, and a case full of Barbie clothes, most of them hand made. I decided that the clothes had to be shared, so I did a little photo series of them. More to come next week. Do you ever see doll clothes and wish that you could have something that cute in human size? That's how I feel about this little red swimsuit.


  1. My aunt used to make me Barbie clothe for Christmas every year. They were so fun! That swimsuit is adorable. Very bathing-beauty-glam.

  2. The provenance on the pictured Barbie(s) and Skipper dolls is this:

    My Bohemian parents vowed never to buy into 1960's Pop Culture by buying me a Barbie Doll. So, my fsther's mother bought my sister and me twin Barbies, Skipper, the carrying case, accessories, outfits, etc. We coveted these dolls we would otherwise never have had! Needlesstosay, my parents would not buy clothes for these "kitschy" dolls, so a neighbor in Crownpoint, NM made us wardrobes...bridal gowns, plaid swing coats, crocheted suits, pajamas, sun dresses, etc. etc. I knew Lauren would appreciate the "vintage, pristine" Barbie & Skipper and the love and attention that went into dressing them well!

  3. My barbies were ok (though I usually tossed them aside in favor of my Breyer's horses), but the real gem was my mother's barbie, one of the original models with the keep-your-distance facial expression and a wardrobe that didn't even think about pink. This post brought back some happy memories of the hours I spent eroding the value of a collectible doll in my grandmother's family room. Thanks!


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