Thursday, May 20, 2010

Humane Society Needs your help!

Sad,sad news today. I found out that the Berkeley Humane Society caught on fire last night. The center lost 15 cats in the fire along with their offices, cat area, and laundry facilities. Fortunately the dogs were in a separate area and all the dogs were saved.

I want to encourage everyone to try and donate whatever they can to the Berkeley Humane Society, regardless of whether you live in the Bay Area or not. This place had a great facility and was a no kill shelter. They have been around helping and saving animals since 1927 and are committed to helping animals that have special needs. Please take a second to donate whatever you can. Anything helps! To donate money go HERE!! Or visit their website to find out about other ways to DONATE.

Thanks so much for your help!


  1. This is heart breaking. Thanks for raising awareness of their need. I just sent in my donation and I hope others will too.

  2. We e-mailed them to ask if they needed a foster pet owners horrible. I will re-post this.

  3. Thanks so much you guys! What happened was really,really horrible but I feel like the community is coming together to help them out which is great! Ya for loving animals!


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