Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who doesn't love a cute doggie or kitty?

A couple weeks ago I mentioned how the Berkeley Humane Society burnt down in a fire. I was inspired to make these doggie and kittie embroidery designs as a way to raise some money for them. I was initially going to make some simple little fabric brooches, but found myself suddenly creating key chains. The keychains came out pretty good. I'm still trying to perfect circular fabric key chain part.

I can't decide whether to make it an enclosed plushie with no edges or a more circular plushie with a pinking shear fringe trim. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to get the circular shape to stay even or consistent when making an enclosed plushie. I still think they turned out pretty cute- even if they are a little crooked. :)

I decided to try the exposed edges with the fringe trim because it is easier to sew the plushie shut after stuffing it. What do you think? Should I try to come up with a new pattern shape and make an enclosed plushie or should I stick with the shabby chic fringe look? Or should I stick with my Crooked Sister motto and just make cute little crooked key chain plushies?


  1. these are so seriously cute! i like both versions. have you tried a heart shape for the enclosed seams? maybe that's still hard, with the round-ish tops, but at least two sides could be straight lines. :) i think i'm partial to the bit wonky edged ones, because hey, nobody's perfect. ;)

    ps - i have something for you on my blog. come by and check out the 'happy' post. :D

  2. sew cute! And what a nice thing you are doing. I like the fringe edges - and the more crooked the better.

  3. Great idea! I still feel so horrible about that fire. These make me smile though :)


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