Monday, July 12, 2010

Embroidery Artist: Lauren DiCioccio

All I can say about Lauren DiCioccio is that I am thoroughly impressed. Her artwork is amazing, her website is amazing, and the woman has actually taken the time to write clear, well-rounded artist statements concerning her work. I know some artists don't believe in writing statements about their work but I feel like when they are well written they are extremely helpful and allow the viewer to possibly make a deeper connection to the work.

(I'm in love with this stitched book but I'm sort of kicking myself in the head, and saying to myself,
"Man, I wish I'd thought of that.")

There was a certain feeling I had when first viewing Lauren's work, but I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was. After reading her general artist statement, I was able to discover why her work struck a cord with me. Using fabric, needlework, and other craft related methods as tools to fabricate her pieces not only communicates her initial goals with her projects, but also, allows the viewer to pursue an even stronger connection with the work. Not only does it emphasize her interest in "the physical/tangible beauty of commonplace mass-produced media-objects," but it highlights how handmade work falling under the category of "craft", serves a different function today in the modern world and not just in the art world. (Yes, these cards are made from fabric and hand stitched. Stunning.) In general, I love it when I come across work that invokes contemplation of the concept of craft in today's world and reminds me of its long reigning history and role in human creativity. So a big thanks to Lauren DiCioccio for bringing these themes to life for me in a beautiful way. To see more of this marvelous work, go HERE. Don't wait. Check it out now.

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  1. I seriously love her work, I mean look at those slides. How creative is that?


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