Monday, July 26, 2010

My crafty space

I never thought that I could bring myself to share my little crafting room on my blog. Maybe because I am slightly embarrassed by my small, plain space. But then I thought, what the hell! I'm not the only one with limited space, time, and money out there crafting so maybe I should share my space just so people can see what I have done with what I've got. It may not be super cute or filled with fun design ideas, but I can proudly say that everything is now organized! If I had more time and money, I would make/look for more appealing custom storage units to replace the plastic ones, paint the walls and try to install a few bookshelves too. I use every free inch that I have to store stuff. Underneath the benches are my display supplies for craft fairs, shipping supplies, and more fabric. I also finally went through and organized all of my scrap fabric and leather. At first I was tempted to throw all of it out but I just couldn't do it. I'm still not too sure what to use my scraps for but I do have a couple of ideas. I was thinking I could make a sort of basic patchwork dog bed for Rupert or maybe even some patchwork coin purses too.

What do you do with all your scraps? Do you hold onto them? Donate them? Or just throw them out?


  1. I think it looks awesome! It looks super bright and is so organized! You are lucky to have it all in one spot. My stuff is all over the place. I am moving soon and plan to organize it better in my new house.

  2. Very nice organized space.
    As for scraps, it depends on what type of sewing you do. Your quilting friends would love to root through your stash. Ditto for friends into applique.

  3. i just started making a scrap quilt! it is kind of taking forever. but i cut all the edges square, so any unusable scraps from this project are *really* scrappy. so in theory i don't feel bad about getting rid of them!

    of course, i've saved them anyway, just in case.. :(


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