Friday, September 17, 2010

Shopping for swatches

I have been obsessing over handmade fabric designs lately on Etsy and I must buy some! I am so darn indecisive so you must help me choose which one to get!

This ghostly design by Cate Anevski is so soft and pretty. I have been wanting to make a curtain to go over my kitchen sink and feel like this might be the perfect print.

Love, love, love this nun print by My Paper Crane. It would make a perfect lining for a pouch or purse. A lovely floral print that might make a good bow tie fabric. Designed by Apples & Eggs. How funny is this cat fabric by Milk Tooth! I have no idea what I would use it for but I want it! Perfect fabric for a kids room or some fun throw pillows. Designed by Christiane Engel.

Most of these designs have been created at Spoonflower. It is such a great fabric design site. I'm planning on designing my own mustache fabric soon.


  1. oh those nuns are sooo cute!! I really need to get some cute fabric, mine is pretty boring lately :p

    {Little Gray Fox}

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  2. These are so great! I never even thought to look on etsy for fabric...but I am going over there right now to see more. I really like the first print for curtains. Also like your bow-tie idea in that floral print. Can't really go wrong though

  3. oh geez, these are all awesome! how could you choose?
    the nuns are fantastic. i think i need to get some of that for my mom (she still has catholic school era flashbacks :P).
    but that woodland print....oh my goodness!

  4. My vote is for the ghostly blue paisley. But I'll always go for anything blue!

  5. That nun fabric is crazy cool! But I collect nuns, so I might be in the minority with my opinion.

  6. I vote for number 1 & 2!
    Handmade fabric is pretty awesome :)


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