Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baba Yaga - The creepiest witch of them all!

Baba Yaga, a witch from Slavic/ Russian folklore, has to be the witchiest witch of them all! What sets her apart from the typical witch is her mode of transportation. Instead of hopping onto a broom with her black cat in tow, Baba uses a giant mortar to fly around. Oh, and her house evades witch hunters by escaping through the woods on its giant chicken feet.

I didn't think it was possible but I actually found BabaYaga and her spooky house on Etsy!
This witch evokes such great imagery!

How amazing is this Baba Yaga shadow puppet from Isabellas Art?

I know it might be a little odd, but I would love to have one of these little felt houses on a shelf in my house! Brought to life Melissa Sue.

Here is another great illustration of Baba's disturbing house. Created by Babayagada.

And finally, a bizarre clip of Baba Yaga (played by a man?) flying on her mortar in this old Russian film.

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