Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Too busy to dream? Never!

I am busy. That's pretty much it. Super busy. And the work is not going to stop until after December 18th (if I'm lucky). So yes, the blog is taking a backseat for a little while. Trust me, there will be a surge of postings after the 18th of December.

But while you wait I'd thought I'd share with you what I have been dreaming about lately. Airstreams. And not just any old airstreams. Converted airstreams into mini portable pop up shops/craft mobiles. I would LOVE to do this someday. So big kudos to these folks below for making it happen. You are my heroes.

Fashion Designer Stacey Bendet of Alice+Olivia went on tour with a whole design/styling crew. They set up shop at a couple of music festivals and offer make-overs/style sessions. They also raised money for flood victims in the south, which is pretty awesome. You can check out their tour over at her blog HERE

In Texas, a group of craft ladies pitched in, bought a old trailer, named her Stella and created The WonderCraft. This lovely silver bullet caters to the local community and offers them the opportunity to bring a little crafty creativity into their lives. Their mobile is also a shop carrying local handmade goods. Want to know more? Go HERE.

The newest mobile creation to pop up is Wanderlust. This very quaint yet cute retail cart carries lovely vintage goodies. The creators Vanessa and Dan Lurie were inspired by the many food carts scattered across the Portland area and thought to themselves, "Why not take this to the next level? Why not a retail shop?" And what better place to make something like this happen than Portland. Want to know more? Check out their events HERE.


  1. These are super cool. How much fun would it be to do this?!

  2. It would be super fun! And I am seriously considering it.

  3. Take it from me, it IS super-fun! : )
    Thanks so much, Lauren, for telling folks about us & sharing these other great trailer shops.
    ~Beth H from The WonderCraft

  4. Hey Beth! Thanks for stopping by my blog. So happy to highlight your amazing trailer. Can't wait to make a trip to Austin and see is someday myself.

  5. OMG! These are all amazing; I pine. The Oaklandish trailer lives in my neighborhood; it's more of the taco-truck variety, but still good.

    Have you seen Kate Pierson's motel Lazy River? It looks insanely cute and you can stay in super-kitschy Airstreams


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