Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cross Country Drive

It took me four days to make my way across the country from California to New York. The trip was more of a power drive than leisure. I was moving on a budget and didn't take too many detours because of driving with the moving truck. Regardless, the trek was wonderful and I realize I only got a glimpse of this amazing country I live in. If I had my way, I'd spend all my time on the road traveling from state to state.

Here are a few snapshots from I took while on the road.

I-80 East, Nevada

Passed the Weiner mobile in Wyoming

I-80 East, Nevada


  1. Wow, that's a long drive! A really long, flat drive. I'm glad you made it safe (and sane)

  2. OMG! The weiner mobile! AWESOME! We didn't see anything nearly that cool on our x-country drive. We took seven days total, but we did have some detours, and I spent one day sick in a disgusting Econo-lodge (in Youngstown, OH - avoid it!).

    I too would love to spend all of my time on the road traveling, exploring, enjoying. I have a crazy dream of getting a tiny house, a biodiesel truck to pull the tiny house, and then adventuring... Part of my post-Master's Degree goal is to teach online university courses just so I can teach from anywhere...

    Because of our particular route, and detours, we did see 13 different states between CA and NY. Eventually plan to hit all 50, and as many countries as possible too.


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