Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Local fabric

My new neighborhood is full of life and at certain moments I feel like I'm not just living in a different city but a different country all together. There is a little strip called Fulton Street near my new place that is bustling with commerce. Random, eclectic shops fill the streets; most of them run by a variety of Carribeans and Jamaicans. I recently spotted a few random wholesale fabric stores on the drag and decided to stop by and check them out this weekend.

The selection was pretty limited and consisted mostly of boring upholstery material but there was a little section of African wax print fabrics in each store.  My oh-so-naughty fabric addiction just couldn't resist buying a couple pieces. I just had to have a few swatches of these vibrant designs.
I'm still not sure what exactly I am going to make from them. The fabric itself is a very stiff cotton that has a lot of body to it but no real drape. Despite that, I am tempted to make a skirt or even a long sort of maxi-inspired dress. The best part of the fabric; it was only $3 bucks a yard!

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