Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tutorial: Lavender Sachets

I love the scent of lavender. LOVE. And one of my favorite things to make are sachets. There are many ways to make a sachet. I made these little lovelies in less than an hour with a few scraps of fabric.

Visit my tutorial HERE at the Pins & Needles Blog to learn how to make your own scented sachets.
Here is a list of what to do with your sachets once you are done:

1) Throw them in the dryer with a non scented dryer sheet to add a nice scent
2) They make great bridesmaid gifts!
3) Keep that musty smell away by putting them in your drawers.
4) Add a little loop of string and hang it around your hanger in the closet.
5) I like to keep a sachet in my purse. It's add a nice scent and occasionally I'll take a little sniff to help me calm my nerves.

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