Friday, July 27, 2012

Local Olympian: Eleanor Holm

Until yesterday, I had no clue who Eleanor Holm was. But thanks to a great post by my local library here in Brooklyn, and a little additional research, I have become a true fan.

Eleanor was apart of the U.S. Olympic swim team back in 1932. She won a gold and achieved numerous world records. But this bathing beauty also had a more adventurous side that got her kicked off the Olympic team in 1936.

After her stint in the Olympics, she became apart of Billy Rose's Aquacade and starred in numerous holllywood films, including Tarzan's Revenge.  Her life was riddled with marriages to numerous men involved in showbiz and she even claimed to have met Hitler at the 1936 Olympic games.

To say the least, she was a talented beauty, with a forward thinking mind and attitude. Cheers to Eleanor Holm and all the other amazing women who have made great strides for our country in the Olympic games!

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