Friday, July 20, 2012

Stitch: Renegade Brooklyn

Miniature Rhino cross stitched bookmarks
 This year there were quite a few vendors at the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair showing off their amazing hand crafted merchandise, but what I was most (happily) surprised to see was the number of hand embroidered merch for sale. From cross stitched home decor items to embroidered jewelry, companies like Miniature Rhino, Bossa Nova Baby, and Chez sucre Chez were showing that this historic technique is no longer stuck in the past. These ladies truly represent the new wave of the hand stitched movement and are bringing a fresh new outlook to a craft that is easily labeled as old fashioned. Keep up the great work ladies!

Bossa Nova Baby Embroidered Cuff

Chez sucre Chez tea towels

Miniature Rhino DIY cross stitch brooches
Chez sucre Chez wall art

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