Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vintage: Amelia Earhart

Love the scarf and the pants!

Amelia Earhart, one of America's most prolific women, celebrates her 115th birthday today. Google pays tribute with a wonderful airplane on their homepage to the queen of flight but did you know that she was once a fashion designer? I had no clue until I came across Vavoom Vintage's great article about Ms. Earhart's short lived fashion designing career. Brittany from Vavoom also tells us that Ms. Earhart was named one of the top ten best dressed back in 1935. Who would have thought? My favorite thing about her clothing has to be her clothing logo tag and the luggage sets she designed. If you want to find out more, I highly recommend reading Vavoom's post HERE. It's so great!

Love this cover! image via Vavoom Vintage

image via Vavoom Vintage

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  1. I had no idea she was a fashion designer! Learned something new today. :-)


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