Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Endeavors

This weekend I started a new embroidery project. I have been wanting to embroider on black/dark fabric for awhile, but have not found the right transfer paper for it. I finally discovered a crafting tracing paper that I am trying out. It works okay, but not great. The transfer is really chalky and impermanent, which means it smears pretty easily. I am working on creating a small black canvas clutch bag with a white buck on it for kittinhawk. I am doing a test run this weekend to see how it looks and what type of stitches I should use. I plan on accenting most of the deer with a metallic silver thread, something I am not looking forward to. Metallic thread is a bitch to embroider with, but it makes everything so much prettier.:)
Here is a preview:
I also went on a great bike ride down to Jack London Square to check out Volta Press's new open studio.
Volta Press is run by John and Laureen. They are a great local letterpress company and super, super nice folks!
I loved how they their letterpress set up for people to use. Interactive events are the best.
Here are a few photos of their table from the Craft Bazaar.
My close friend had his birthday this week and I made him an awesome gift: a Beer Box!!
The box wasn't anything fancy since I was sort of in a rush but the beer was great!!
For those of you who don't know, I love beer. I especially love good beer that tends to be on the more expensive side (slight downfall). I can drink a bud light every now and then, but really well brewed speciality beers is what I am all about. So I made a few amazing selections from Star Grocery for my friend and to say the least he was very happy. The Japanese Hitachino Nest Ginger brew and the Hopfen Weisse by Schneider Weisse are my favorite.

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  1. Deer looks great, check out Andrea Zuill's blog, she has some cool ideas as well as free patterns. M


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