Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Warning!! Creative Genuis Below

I've been on an embroidery kick lately and have been trying to figure out how to make embroidery brooches that don't look cheap. Of course, I decided to search the web to see if anything came up and I just happened upon this amazing lady, Elsita. And boy am I jealous! Not only is this woman an amazing embroider (and makes killer embroidery brooches that sell out in seconds!) but she has a thing for making paper cut-outs just like me! While I tend to struggle with my creative edge of papercutting and embroidery composing, Elsita is just flowing with innovative ideas. Here is one of her pieces: Not only is she super talented, but she happens to be from one of my favorite socialist countries, Cuba, and is, well, gorgeous. If you are not jealous yet, maybe her 3 amazing blogs will make your hair turn green with envy. Her style blog is Here. Her regular blog Here. A blog specializing in paper-cut outs (my favorite) is over Here. And don't forget to check out her etsy store. She is the kind of lady that you want to despise, but you just can't! Instead, I admire Elsita and her unwillingness to compromise one of the most important elements of life, creativity.

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