Monday, September 14, 2009

New Jenny Hart Goodness

My etsy store has been pretty empty as of late, but I guarantee you I am working hard to refill it. For the past week I have been making new embroidery designs for my little drawstring bags. I also got a copy of Jenny Hart's latest embroidery book, Embroidered Effects. Lucky for me, my B-friend works for Chronicle Books so I was able to receive a speedy delivery. This book is a great introduction to embroidery and includes so many extra goodies. Comprehensive, easy, and fun, it is worthy of being placed on your shelf of craft books. Let me tell ya, it is hard to find a good "modern" embroidery book that doesn't confuse you or make you fall asleep. Jenny Hart's book will do just the opposite. Not only do you learn all the basics and get the scoop on some great stitches, but it comes with tons of new projects for you to take on. And it has some new patterns by Ms. Hart as well. Check it out and join the ever growing embroidery movement!

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