Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Still Here!

I'm still here! Still alive. My fulltime job is in full force right now (I work for a college and school is back in session) so I haven't had a chance to update anything lately. I have lots of new items that will hopefully be in my etsy store soon. My head has been swimming with so many new embroidery ideas lately. I'm hoping I'll be able to commit to creating a certain 'series' that will be available in many different forms by October. Let's see, what else is new? I've been reading Wuthering Heights, which is a book I thought that I would like (I'm a big Jane Austen fan ) but I am 200 pages in to it and I'm still on the fence about it. Getting ready to apply to the Bazaar Bizarre Holiday Craft Fair. Waiting for Dancing with the Stars to premiere (guilty pleasure).

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