Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Too early for Halloween? Never!

It's September! Which means Halloween is just around the corner! (Well, almost). The halloween magazines are on the newsstands and from what I can tell, the crafting world is already buzzing with scary ideas, felted skulls, and other spooky accessories. As a tribute to my fave holiday, I am going to attempt to share a new crafty Halloween discovery with you each week. If you are lucky, maybe even each day! Here is a great little homey decoration to get you in the mood.
I came across Rawbone Studio while catching up with one of my fave blogs How freakin' cute are these skull garlands! They are spooky and crooked!! I want to know why this person doesn't have an etsy store yet?!? Well, I guess I'll just have to make my own little felty skulls to string across my wall. Her felty kitties are pretty cute too. Love the green one! Check out more of her items here.


  1. Hey Crooked Sister, Thanks for finding me and blogging about my schtuff! I do have a brand new etsy store:

  2. Hey - I just found your blog while googling Rawbone Studios. So glad to read this - thanks for posting it! :)

  3. Am glad to post about your amazing schtuff! And I am happy that other people are enjoying it too!


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