Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Hit List

I have never been one to shop for presents at big chain stores. Okay, occasionally I may seek out a must have gift at one of those awful overpopulated stores but in general I try to shop local. This year I am on a mission to buy only from independent business and handmade vendors. And you should too!! Not only is it fun to shop this way but you are guaranteed to find one of a kind items that your family/friend is going to love. Yes, you may end up spending a little more money but remember that money is going towards people like me who need it to fund future amazing products for you!! For you folks who are in the Bay Area/California region, here is a list of events you should check out: Bazaar Bizarre I applied for this event but didn't get in :(. I am still hoping to check it out on Sunday. Jenny Hart, the embroidery goddess,will be there hosting a workshop. I hope to have a chance to meet and thank her for all of her hardwork and inspiration. SF Renegade Holiday Fair The spring Renegade Craft Fair was the first large craft event I had been and I was so inspired, impressed, and overwhelmed (in a good way)! I'm sure this holiday event won't disappoint. We'll see if I can hold back the temptation to shop for myself (Yeah Right!). SFMOMA Holidaze A weekly event put on by the SF MOMA Artists Gallery that started last week. Should be good!! L.A. Area: Bust Holiday Craftacular I was going to participate in this event but alas, I couldn't make the trek down to L.A. Silverlake Craft Market. I plan on making a trip to L.A. sometime in the spring to take part in this event. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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