Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craft Spotlight: PollyAnna Cowgirl Designs

Since the new year has begun, I have been slowly implementing some goals for myself. One being I should be better about this blog. I knew I was being a little too lazy when my mom recently asked why I hadn't been posting. So suffice to say, work comas are no excuse to quit blogging. On that note, I wanted to introduce one of my fellow crafty friends, Polly of PollyAnna Cowgirl Designs. Words can't begin to describe just how awesome Polly is. Besides making amazingly cute jewelry, bags, and Blythe doll clothes(!!!) she is now blogging for ReadyMade magazine. Make Nice is a perfect blog to peruse during your spare time. Be sure to stop by and check it out. And if you have a chance, give Polly a little comment love. Check out her adorable items here. Cute!! "U.R. My Deer" LocketMy sister got my mom these earrings for xmas. I know this is pretty hippie, but I want this as an actual dress! I love the fabrics that Polly uses.

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