Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Embroidery Spotlight

I have come across some really amazing new blogs since I joined twitter. One of those is Mrxstitch. This site gives you the scoop on all sorts of contemporary needlepoint artists and projects. For example have you heard of the Fine Cell Work Project? Fine Cell Work is a UK charity that teaches prisoners how to do needlepoint and they help them profit from their work. The program is so popular with the prisoners that they have waiting lists for their classes! You *Must* check out the site, look at their products, and read ALL about it.

Here are a couple of pillows made by some of the prisoners:

Another cool thing that Mrxstitch has going on is their NSFW Saturday Feature. It's dirty, it's bad, it's hilarious. And it really isn't safe for work so view at your own risk.

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