Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cosmo recommends . . . .

Hi there! I'm Cosmo. I'm Crooked Sister's furry little mascot. You can call me Cos, Little Man, or Gray man. Whatever you prefer. CS asked me to stop by and say a quick hi while she tries to finish a few crafting projects this week.

Believe it or not I've been CS's BFF since she was 12. Pretty crazy huh? I'm a pretty old guy but I still get around. Sometimes CS and I procrastinate together and do a little window shopping on Etsy. Here are a few of our favorite kitty designs:

Kitty Baby Love has excellent taste. Why would you buy boring straight crayons when you could have kitty crayons? I mean, really, Crayola was so last year.

I'm pretty sure FeltSewGood was googling handsome grey cats late one night and came across my mugshot, cuz this cozy plush cat looks a lot like me!

Do you miss your kitty cat when you're at work sometimes? If so, I suggest hanging one of these guys by Hollandsworth next to your desk to keep you company. Of course, I recommend purchasing the little blue/gray one but I may be a little bias.

I love pigeons but being an indoor cat, I never have the chance to get my paws on one. That's why SpellWell's dead pigeon head is on the top of my wish list. A cat can play out all their gruesome little fantasies on these decapitated creatures. You'll have to wait for SpellWell to reopen her shop on March 11th to get your own dead creature toy.


  1. Ha..Love this. Grabbed my attention from Twitter! My mom stole...yes stole my cat. Love that stinkin' cat (she would probably take over my blogs as well).

  2. Awwww, cuteness. I just got my kitty two weeks ago. His name is Henry (photos on my blog). I'll have to share these finds with him.

  3. Little Tesoro- Henry is so cute! and kittens are the best. Cosmo is not as lively as he used to be but he still keeps me company.

    Amber- I can't believe your mom stole your cat! Hope you at least get kitty updates.

  4. Cosmo, you found some great cat themed goodies on Etsy! Thanks so much for choosing my plush cat!
    I may have to get my cats their own dead creature toy, they're fabulous!

  5. Awwww... Cosmo is so cute! And that dead pigeon head cat toy is awesome!

  6. I think my cat would enjoy all of Cosmo's recommendations, especially the decapitated cat toys. Very cool!

  7. Thanks for the recommendation Cosmo! <3

  8. what a sweetie! great finds, cosmo! love this idea!

  9. Very sweet indeed! :)
    Love the recommendations!
    Found you via RikRak's cat post links.


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