Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm trying to take a small break from the world wide web this week. All this blogging, and twittering time needs to be devoted to actually making a few new creations. Don't worry, I'm not leaving you empty handed. Here are a few lovely things for you: You won't need to dog ear your book pages after learning this awesome embroidery project tutorial from Feeling Stitchy.I plan on making a few of these for my bookworm friends who still read books and haven't resorted to that awful plastic kindle thingy.

How to make an embroidered corner bookmark.

I don't want to break any copyright laws so I have no photos to share of this next embroidery project so be sure to click on the links. Cathy Gaubert's Mushroom Girl, Found HERE, is a perfect embroidery project for spring. Thank goodness Cathy Gaubert is kind enough to share her beautifully illustrated embroidery designs. See an embroidered sample of this design Here.

How funny (and accurate) is this embroidered design by Becky of Strumpets Crumpets.Visit her shop Here for more fun embroidered hoop decorations


  1. I have that embroidered bookmark on my list of projects to make as well. It is interesting how good ideas keep poping up repeatedly...

    Don't have the plastic Kindle, but I have to say e-books won a place in my heart when I was traveling. It was nice to have 3 books on my iPod touch and the ability to download more on the go.

  2. I have a friend iwho is a total bookworm and he told me a month ago that he got a kindle and loves it! I was so surprised when he told me but he also likes being able to combine 3 books into one place.


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