Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Morning,Walk: Route 1

Every morning I take a nice walk to work (well, rainy days usually result in carpooling) and it can be a pretty nice walk depending on the day. I also try to add a little variety to my morning venture and take different routes. So I'd thought I'd start sharing my Monday morning walk with you. Here is Route 1:

Start at front porch. Pass by the many artifacts of the Oakland streets.

If I left Oakland for another city, I might miss the sound of shopping carts strolling down the streets. Or I might not.

Those yellow flowers are my favorite part of walk Route#1.

There are tons of secret messages on the sidewalks, like this one from Slayer. The message is, "Slayer!"(in a crazy metal voice).

No traffic for me.

More secret sidewalk messages.

And here we are! Like my office view?

Stay tuned for Route#2- Next Monday.


  1. thank for the lovely tour :) can't wait until it's warm enough to get to ride my bike to work. i miss it sooo much!

  2. I can hear the sound of the shopping carts rolling down the street in Boston. Maybe they sound better in Oakland because the weather is better? It is so cold today and there are absolutely no signs of flowers, so I'm thinking that better weather makes everything sound better. Thanks for visiting my blog! Can't wait to see what else you are up to.

  3. Thanks Pretty Neat! I'm sending warm flowerly thoughts your way. BTW, love your journals!

  4. What a nice walk, I stay pretty cooped up in my house for the most part, looking forward to getting out at the end of the week :)

  5. I really like the traffic shot - it would look good enlarged. Thanks for sharing route #1, I like the flowers overhead. - looking forward to seeing route #2. M in OCS

  6. Your comment about the sound of shopping carts rattling down the street is funny. :)

    It's nice that your office has a window with sunshine and plants in view!

  7. Kelley-It's nice to have a window especially when you work in a basement of a giant victorian house! One of the only pluses of working in the basement/lower level.

  8. This is so nice. I wish I lived in a walk friendly city...

  9. You can hear the sound or shopping carts in the streets in NY as well, although the weather is probably nicer in Oakland ;)


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