Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Portland can't come too soon!

So it looks like I'll be making my way up to Portland this weekend. Woohoo! I have only been to Portland once and it wasn't really a visit, more like a drive thru. So on this brief trip I am hoping to actually see a few new cool places, see some old friends, and drink really, really good beer. Here is my list so far of places to try and visit: Voodoo Donuts. Found out about this place via an Anthony Bourdain episode. I plan on buying the most craziest donut they have and enjoying every second of it.Powell's Books. I have my list of must-have crafty books ready to go. I hope I get lucky and find what I'm looking for!I was hoping to go to Velveteria, the museum of velvet paintings but they closed down in January! Bummer.Knittin' Kitten. This place is right up my alley as I am all about thrifting and using recycled goods for my crafty projects. And they have vintage fabric. I'm going to have to watch my wallet . . . .While searching for crafty things in Portland I came across Average Jane Crafter's Blog, who I actually follow on twitter. She has some great blog entries about her Portland experiences if you are ever looking for some stuff to do.
And if you have any Portland recommendations, please send them my way!


  1. I just went to Portland for the very first time a few months ago. It was very fun, and there are a lot of really cool places to see.
    Voodoo was great (peanut butter + oreo = yum!), as was Powell's.
    I enjoyed a delish cup of Stumptown coffee at their shop not far from Voodoo, and amazing mini-cakes at Saint Cupcake.
    Have a blast!

  2. I never been to Portland. I've always wanted to go. But now I really want to go for Voodoo Doughnuts! Have fun!


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