Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grey Gardens

I watched Grey Gardens (the original, not the recent TV movie) for the first time yesterday. I knew before I watched it that this documentary, or I guess I should say the legendary Beales, had sort of a cult following. Well, now I understand why. I found the documentary to be amazing, oddly beautiful, and sad at the same time. No matter how crazy Big and Little Edie were, they seemed like honest and somewhat down to earth people. I kind of fell in love with their quirky, uninhibited nature. I also found Edie's style and curious obsession so thrilling that I put together a Little Edie(Etsy) Inspired collage. Red & Blue Nautical Scarf from Stephanie Geisler, Vintage Silver Hand Mirror from Little Byrd Vintage, Antique Radio from Pearls Vintage, Jeweled Art Deco Brooch from Eye Candy Antiques, Vintage Black Bathing Suit from Rogue Retro, and Antique Binoculars from Sadie Olive.

And coincidentally, I found out that Little Edie's nephew is publishing her childhood diary yesterday after watching the film. The book is titled, "I only mark the hours that shine" and will be available in August. Not sure how I feel about her remaining family capitalizing on her, but I am tempted to learn more about this woman's past and how she came to be so unique.


  1. I'm so excited to hear this is being published! I saw the original a couple or years ago, and then the Hollywood version last summer. They did a fantastic job remaking it, and cover some of the back story. You should definitely check it out!

  2. I've never seen this, but I may have to now...

  3. I love Grey Gardens so much. But it is hard to re-watch after the first time; it's really emotionally draining! I will probably read that diary; I think Little Edie would have liked to know that she's still getting attention. :)

  4. I found Grey Gardens hard to get through, but it was certainly an interesting examination of people on the edge of society. A companion piece to this might be Brother's Keeper--definitely worth checking out.


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