Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today I'm wishing . . . .

That I wasn't sick!

While I try to conquer this cold I thought I would share with you these cards that my friend Jess makes (including the one above which captures exactly how I feel right now).

I had no clue she crafted these little paper wonders until she gave me a thank you card one day (seen below). All of her cards are really quite delightful. Simply designed with the funnest little messages ever. You can see more of Jess's cards in her SHOP which is called, Junebug in July, and you can view some of her lovely photography and read about all sorts of other fun little things on her blog, HERE. Enjoy!

Thank you card Jess gave me. I love this special edition card that she originally made as a good bye card for her Portland friends. Pretty awesome, huh?

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  1. oh, wow! these are fantastic!! thanks for sharing. off to browse and heart...


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