Monday, June 21, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I came across Claire Coles amazing work and was so inspired by her use of wallpaper that I decided to go hunting for my own wallpaper. I think I got a little carried away because not only did I walk away with a bag FULL of single sheets of paper but a giant sample book as well.

I couldn't help it! This book was full of so many gorgeous prints that I just had to take the whole thing home with me. Plus I love the fact that it was called "Tanglewood."

(The giant sample book that is now all mine!!)

So now I am fully stocked on wallpaper! Now I just need to decide what to do with it. I was going to try and collage some brooches together or applique the paper onto some greeting cards but those two ideas haven't work out so well. I'm thinking handmade journals might be easier and just as pretty! Hopefully it works out!

What would you do with a stack of purty sheets of wallpaper?


  1. Brooches would be neat...kind of like an origami style?

  2. i'm jealous of your wallpaper score! i found an awesome roll last month and i used a peice of it for a little table makeover (seen here:

    but i've been stumped as to what to do with the rest!

  3. that's so cool!

    hmm, i might place some paper behind a lovely photograph in a large frame, or just paper itself. :)

    show us photos of your finished product? :P

  4. Jody- That is a great idea! Now I'm tempted to cover my large glass living room table with this paper! I don't think my boyfriend would go for it though.

    Whatever I end up doing I will be sure to share!


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