Friday, August 20, 2010

I am glad that it is Friday because my week so far has consisted of the following:

-Big lack of motivation to make new items for the event I am participating in this weekend -This lack of motivation might have to do with an attempt to make several new cards, only to have them get messed up in one way or another (don't you hate it when that happens?) -Losing $6 on my way to get coffee. -Having my once sick, sweet dog turn into a total aggressive dog on leash. Thus, making it impossible to walk him -Finding out after getting my teeth cleaned that I have another cavity that needs to be filled(really?!?) -Injuring my foot so badly that I can't even really walk on it. -Not having enough time to do, well, anything. -Stack of dishes. 'Nuff said

Sorry for the venting but I had to get some of this stuff off my chest. I will be trying to think of happy thoughts for the rest of the day, like Peter Pan, as a way to distract myself from the stress and pain of my poor foot.

***Update** I've had a chance to drink my chai tea, elevate my foot and listen to my Gary Numan Pandora radio station. So things are definitely feeling a little bit better. And the blog venting helped alot. I'm all for venting.


  1. Holy Cow, what a week! You deserve a weekend off and a big plate of chewy brownies with ice cream and sprinkles. I hope things start getting better.

  2. Yes, I definitely think brownies are needed.If only I had some time to make them!

  3. yuck! sounds like a tough week. i hate how things tend to snowball on ya like that. but, it's friday, so here's to a lovely, nice, not frustrating weekend for you! :)

    ps - is your dog hating the leash itself?

  4. My dog just needs to be trained. Badly. I've been waiting to sign him up for training because of the kennel cough he had. I think he'll be fine once he does doggy boot camp. It's just really exhausting trying to deal with his bad behavior on a daily basis. Kitties are so much easier :P

  5. My mom had the same kind of trouble with out childhood dog (now 17 -- yipes!). Everytime she'd sign him up, he'd get sick. :/ Just another lovely side effect of being pure bred I suppose. I bet your little guy will do great once he knows his boundaries. :)
    Ha ha, yes kitties are easier....because they refuse to be trained. So no point in trying, right? (I still am on some things though. Like PLEASE stop destroying my sofa!)

    Hope you have a productive and un-stressful blogging hiatus. :)


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