Monday, September 27, 2010

Costume idea board

I'm starting to collect some reference images for my Halloween costume. I tend to have two or three costume ideas each year and I have the hardest time making up my mind. This year I am determined to not get distracted by another costume idea and stick to ONE and ONLY ONE idea. To help me with my goal, I plan on working on my costume a couple of hours each week from here on out. This also means I won't be scrounging around at the last minute to put my costume together! Here's hoping I actually meet that goal!

 So what am I going to be? Well, a "Knock Out" of course. Or a boxer, in more simple terms.
My goal is to employ a more vintage/classic look. I was originally inspired by classic tattoo/pin-up designs, like the ones above.

I'm not really into the whole single piece jumpsuit thing so I plan on making a pair of boxer shorts that aren't too short and pair it with a nice simple tank top. I like how the girl on the left in the photo above is wearing simple sneakers and ankle high socks. I might incorporate that look into my costume instead of knee high laced-up boots.
I already have my vintage boxing gloves! I got an amazing pair in pretty good condition for only $10 bucks.

 The plan is to cut my hair a couple weeks before Halloween to a shorter length so I can try to do a finger wave with it. I think it will add a nice touch of glamour to the whole outfit.


  1. Love that hair style... I have many pictures of my grandmothers looking like that...
    so feminine ~ such style!!

  2. I know I love that hair style too! I'm really hoping that I can do it myself. I plan on doing a couple of pre-tests and if doesn't work right, I may just bite the bullet and go to a salon!

  3. So how did this costume end up looking? Would love to see some pictures.


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