Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall accessories

I am a big fan of thelittleprints accessories by jody mcdowell. Last March, my sister bought me a beautiful headband from her shop (see below) and just a couple of days ago we did a trade!

What did I get? Well, this lovely little black brooch which will be adorning many a winter cardigans this season.

If you are looking for something to wear in your hair while the leaves fall down upon you or you need something dashing to decorate that winter cardigan, look no further!

jody just restocked her shop with the most amazing fall items! Go take a PEEK right now and buy yourself a special fall goodie! The teal/orange headpiece in the center photo is my Fave!


  1. What wonderful items! The brooch is gorgeous!

  2. yay! thanks so much for the post! i just posted about your shop, and hadn't even seen this one yet :)


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