Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Decorations

My former co-worker and friend loves Halloween just as much as I do. So when it came to decorating the office we went all out. Lucky for us, our efforts were rewarded since the college we work for holds an annual Halloween decoration competition. The first year we one first place, last year we won second.

Believe it or not, it really doesn't take too much to make great decorations. All you really need is some cardboard, paint, plastic trash bags, and voila! You can transform your stifling office into a scary office dungeon or even the devil's bakery!

 The first year we went for an office"dungeon" theme.
The black walls were made with large garbage bags that we stretched.
We copied our hands and used them to create macabre sconces.

 We used basic office tools, like hole punchers and made them into torture devices.

 The second year we created a Devil's Bakery, which gave us an excuse to make tons of fun Halloween treats. The outside of the office looked like a nice pink bakery . . .

 But the inside was filled with flames! A giant cauldron painted onto cardboard was used to block off a doorway.
 We also have an old defunct fireplace in our office and we covered it with black vinyl shelf liner and made it into an oven.
 I made some shrunken head cider

And some little vampire cookies from oreos.

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  1. this is so clever! i love the hand-sconces.

    seriously, well done. wish we did fun stuff like this around here. :P


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