Thursday, October 28, 2010

Floating gowns

Last year, the New York City  Opera allowed artist E.V. Day(one of my favorite artists) to scrounge through their collection and transform some of their most amazing gowns into sculptural displays in the Lincoln Center lobby. I love the way the dresses are suspended in mid air. The outfits give off such an eerie feeling that I believe reminds the viewer of how theater is a sort of means of raising the dead.

Fun facts: 

-The artist ended up using 22 miles of fishing line to hang up her installation.
-E.V. Day's "Mummified Barbie" series helped put her on the map in the artworld. She is mostly known for her integration and use of deconstructed textiles and suspension in her sculptural pieces.

You can read the past NYTimes article HERE and check out a full slideshow of the installation HERE.

Absolutely LOVE these turbans with hair extensions!

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