Monday, November 1, 2010


Bianca in a gnome hat and beard. She didn't really like it too much.
I'm always sad when Halloween is over. I really wish it was a 3-day holiday vs. just one day. Luckily I had the weekend to celebrate and I really felt like I made the most of it!

 After changing my costume idea 3 times (remember, I said this might happen) I came up with a wonderful costume that I had a great time making. I rushed out of work on Friday, stopped by the Creative Reuse store and found most of my supplies. With my sister's help and incredible design skills, we were able to start my costume Friday night and finish it Saturday afternoon.

So what was I? A russian nesting doll! Also known as a Matryoshka Doll. I was hoping to have some extra time to make a set of stacked nesting dolls to hide underneath my apron but alas I didn't. But that's okay cuz I loved my costume.

My sister's costume was pretty amazing too. She was a drowned swimmer and all it took were a couple of felt sea creatures to really bring her costume to life.

She took my 1930's vintage bathing suit, put the cutest felt crab in her hair, made herself paler than pale, and then draped some "seaweed" with dead fishes, shells and sand dollars tangled in between onto her shoulders. It was pretty awesome. More on our Halloween adventures tomorrow . . . . .



  1. the level of creativity here is just astounding. well done!

    ps - i'm dying over your kitty. :)

  2. Thanks Kelli! We had a great time making and wearing our costumes. My kitty didn't enjoy the little hat and beard too much but she is so darn cute in it.:P


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