Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Part 2

My Halloween weekend involved finishing my costume just in time for the roller derby bout, and wondering the streets Sunday night looking at cool costumes, and fun decorated houses.

Some of my favorite costumes were this weird monster toy costume with a giant zipper and the Totorro couple (so cute!).

These girls had the best group costume. 
They were a shark, dead seagull, octopus, and my favorite, a shrimp.
Photo by Smokey's Tangle
 The roller derby referees dressed up like superheroes.

 We saw some great decorations including Wizard of Oz statues, a graveyard dedicated to recently deceased celebrities, and Little Shop of Horrors.


  1. Me too! I'm thinking I might need to have a costume party for my birthday next year to help cope with waiting another 12 months!

  2. very very nice! I really must try harder next year...

  3. wow! this is amazing!!!!

    i saw NO costumes in the airports....travelers are lame!

  4. kelli- I was determined to see cool costumes this year. That's my favorite part of Halloween. I used to live in Santa Cruz and they would shut down the main st. downtown and people would just parade around in costumes. It was awesome.


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