Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dress: Take this Waltz

 Take this Waltz is a film that explores the slightly more intense side of life, particularly relationships. Luckily, Michelle Williams character, Margot, has some adorable outfits to distract you from some of the more heart wrenching moments in the film. Check out a recap of the amazing dress selection below which relied heavily on color, polka dots, and other classic print patterns, like gingham.

You can never go wrong with a gingham dress in a coral color.

My favorite outfit in the film; polka dot blue jumper.

Modern jumper with the cutest peasant top design

The color and floral pattern are a win!

Sarah Silverman's character also sported an amazing dress.

Another vintage cut with a great print. Too bad we couldn't catch a full glimpse of this dress.

And the best dress award goes to this stunning red polka dot number.


  1. I never watched a movie really looking at the outfits. But they can create atmosphere! These all look amazing!

  2. Nauli- They really are amazing. The movie is a little painful but you can easily enjoy the wardrobe cuteness by simply watching it on mute!


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