Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Made: The Weekend Purse

I am in no way a designer handbag gal but I still love to carry a functional purse that will compliment my outfit for the day. So I am constantly adding bags to my collection, yet every one of them always seem to be missing a pocket, or other design accessory that I really need. And I know I'm not the only lady out there looking for the perfect tote, working bag, or clutch. So for the past few months I decided to focus on designing a few bags that had everything I needed, were functional, yet still stylish and cute.

The first of a three part collection are my Weekend Purses. These bags hang off to your side with an adjustable strap. Small, yet just big enough to hold all your bare weekend essentials. To top it off, I decided to incorporate some of my favorite fabric, Liberty of London. It gives each bag a unique, refined, and slightly retro look to it. You can now pick them up at my online store too.

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