Monday, October 10, 2011


I mentioned quite some time ago how I had a growing interest in learning how to print by hand. One of the methods I was inspired to try was the stencil freezer paper trick. Well, last week I gave it a little shot and Voila! Something adorable was born! 

This stencil printing technique is fun, but can be a little tedious too. I recommend working on a larger scale and improvising your shapes even. I believe it would make the project go a little faster.

Here is what you need to make it happen:

-Freezer paper available at your local grocery store
-Fabric paint- I used Jacquard which you can find at your local art and craft store like Blick.
-Sponge brush-Also available at your local craft store
- Cardboard scrap- To pour your paint on to
-Basic cotton fabric. I recommend muslin for simple projects and experiments. It's cheap & absorbs well.
-Simple positive/negative design

Now just trace your design onto the freezer paper. Cut it away with scissors or an exacto knife.
Lay the rough side onto your fabric. Iron it on (No Steam!), and paint a couple of even layers over your design.
Let it dry, peel, and do whatever your heart desires to your new printed design. I decided to make mine into some sort of lop sided plushie with french knots in the middle.

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